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Project Description
LoginRadius .NET SDK is a development kit that lets you integrate Social Login such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and over 20 more on a .NET website. The SDK also helps to get user profile data and interacts with LoginRadius user account to manage various functionalities.

Implementation of .NET SDK has 3 simple steps:
1. Log in to LoginRadius and get your unique API key and secret.
2. Download and include the LoginRadius .NET SDK file in your callback page.
3. Call the 'isAuthenticate' function to validate the user and get the user profile data from the 'userprofile' object. You can also save the user profile data in your database.

Integrate social login with more than 20 providers on a .NET website.
Get rich user profile data of your users.
Save user profile data such as email, name, address, phone no etc in your database.
Customize the theme, icon set and language from your LoginRadius user account.

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